Babymoon in Barcelona – A letter to my son (part 1)

La Sagrada Familia – the completed Nativity facade.
You can just spot cranes and construction near the top where they are working on completing the rest of the cathedral.

Dear Charlie,

Your dad and I just got back from four days in Barcelona. We went on a special trip to celebrate that you are coming soon! We wanted to have time to think about being your parents and enjoy the love that helped make you happen. We are really bad at taking pictures, which is why I’m going to tell you all about the trip through words, which come more naturally to your mama than pointing a camera. (Thankfully there are pictures of you in my belly in Barcelona since your aunts and grandmas demanded some and they are…not people you want to cross!)

Our first morning in Barcelona we braved the metro system right away to find the mid town apartment we rented. We were delighted to emerge in a residential neighborhood, with old apartment buildings and run down cafes on every corner. Your parents are city lovers and areas with old people and young families, where there might not be a lot of money but there is a lot of community, are our favorite places to be. We wandered around trying to find the right street, guided by helpful locals. I hope we teach you Spanish, it was nice to be able to talk to people and wrap my tongue around words I don’t get to practice often but make me feel homey.

We got to the apartment, dropped our bags and ran out again immediately for food. You will find this is almost always true of our family! Then we went back up, changed and went back out again for lunch. We’re food lovers, I think you will be too.

We ate lunch by accident at a tiny local restaurant that rarely sees tourists. The place we were supposed to go was next door and a bit swankier but we missed that door and happily ended up in what amounted to a local dive. We loved it, and they even asked me to go into the kitchen to translate their new microwave instruction booklet which was in English. I hope you enjoyed the asparagus and fried eggs I ate!

Then we napped for hours. You were doing somersaults in my belly while I tried to doze off. I think the dessert I had gave you too much energy. I only started feeling you move in my belly a few days earlier, its kind of like I swallowed a live fish and its wriggling inside me. I like feeling you kick and move, I hope it means you love to dance, your dad hopes it means you want to do martial arts with him.

Our first night in town we wandered around the Barri Gotic, a medieval neighborhood that is so winding and narrow you get lost in two turns. After an hour and half of little side roads and ornate balconies, we got a bit tired and a took a cab to another part of town famous for its restaurants. Are you sensing a theme in what your parents like to do?

We found a tapas bar and ate yummy Catalan food like pan con tomates (I guarantee your dad will make this for you, he is obsessed with it now!), goat cheeses and empanadas. Your dad looked at my belly at one point and got a shocked expression on his face and said “I’m going to be dad!” as if realizing it for the first time. Sometimes the idea of being your mom and dad hits one of us like a bolt of lightning, I don’t think that feeling will ever go away.

The next day we got up early to go on a walking tour focused on the works of Gaudi. One day I will show you pictures of his fantastical houses, they are out of a fairy tale. I hope we can take you to see them in person too. We ended the tour at the Sagrada Familia cathedral, also designed by Gaudi. He started it but only one side was completed before he died, they’ve been working on it for over a hundred years! They say it will be completed in your lifetime. Maybe when you get to see it all the construction will be done. We are used to seeing very old European cathedrals built hundreds of years ago. It was strange and wonderful to see such a large scale project being built in our times. It delighted me to think that you might see it in all its intended splendor one day.

I’ll tell you about the rest tomorrow.



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One thought on “Babymoon in Barcelona – A letter to my son (part 1)

  1. What a beautiful post! I think your son will really like reading these someday. 🙂

    Also, I hope you teach your son Spanish too. I learned it as an adult, but I’m always very envious of my friends who got taught it growing up – it’s so much easier! Speaking another language is really nice.

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