My father’s birthday – a poem

Dad and his three daughters, 2013.
Happy 55th Birthday Dad!

You’ve been real –
apologies and explanations.
You’ve been faithful,
heart-on-sleeve conversations.

Always able, to make me feel
that all men should be like you:
full of prayer and smart,
wanderers and dragon-slayers,
articulate and true.

You will always be,
The first one to dance, the guy with the easy smile,
the encyclopedia audio-style.

You will always be,
love as words – argue and sharpen
love as oddities and novelties
love as Dr. Seuss poems for every occasion
love as Eiffel Tower tours
love as fancy dinner reservations
love as laughing like fools

One thought on “My father’s birthday – a poem

  1. In All of God’s Creation

    One of the things I really like
    In all of God’s Creation
    Is a long and winding strip of sand
    Relaxed and on vacation

    The few days we have spent on them
    With time to play and run
    Have written memories sweet and dear
    That warm me like the sun

    Another thing I really like
    Are “talking times” with you
    When facts and questions will not rest
    Until the truth comes through

    Another thing I really like
    Are pictures of your kid
    It brings back precious memories
    Of things that you once did

    The list is long of all I like
    So here is what I’ll do
    I’ll end by naming a real big like
    And of course, that would be you!


    Love, Dad

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