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To mothers in war zones – a poem and a humble list of places to donate funds

There are, tragically, countless places in the world that need our help – from financial donations, to awareness of the issues, to using our political voice and, most importantly, our unceasing prayers. Today I write specifically about four places in the world where mothers are hurting. During this summer of horrors we have watched thousands die on live television, we have watched thousands living in fear because of religious and political fanatics of every stripe. I dedicate this poem to mothers in Gaza, Iraq, the Mexixo-US border and the Ukraine.
Scroll down for a short list of organizations where you can donate money to helping on the ground today.

To mothers in war zones

I don’t know what to say
to mothers of dead sons
who just wanted to go down
to the beach to play.
To mothers told to run
with a wall laughingly holding them in.

To mothers trapped on mountain sides
a hell of heat and fear.
To mothers numb with
horror as they watch their
children tortured, scarred and maimed.

To mothers abandoning every known
in hopes of preserving the innocence
of their babes,
from drug-fueled violence
day after day.

To mothers caught in lands of
dark lies but hopeful protests.
Where the powerful slowly,
piece by piece, eat up
the safety and the space –
back to the grey fear of post-war.

I don’t know what to say
to mothers raped and hurt and hungry,
with small faces still looking to them
for comfort and relief.

To mothers in war zones
you have my tears,
the paltry offering of prayers,
my desperate attempt to
donate my pennies in hopes
they will become a meal or
an IV drip or a tent or
a counselor’s ear.

To mothers in war zones
we are the same blood my sisters.
Your child, your teenager, your lover,
your sister, your friends,
each as valuable as my own.
To mothers in war zones
you are not faceless or forgotten.

I cannot with these words
stop the violence from flowing.
God help me, I cannot
wrap you in sweet safety.
But to mothers in war zones
I promise not to look away.

Where to donate (a humble list)

GAZA – The Palestinian Children’s Relief

IRAQ – Open Doors and Christian Aid

MEXICO-US Border Crisis – Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service  (along the right-hand side there is a list, click “Support” to make a donation)

UKRAINE – Red Cross Canada Ukraine Civil Unrest Fund

There are many people and organizations giving practical help to those most in need, this is a small list, just somewhere to start. You can also use the information on these websites as a way to prayer more specifically and sometimes even to read first-hand stories so you can pray for people by name. Please feel free to share other places to donate in the comments section. And please no organizations with primarily political agendas. 

Pray for peace. “His kingdom come”.

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