A Biblical Approach to Overcoming Racial Discourse Allergy

f you read one thing today my Christian friends, please let it be this. An incredibly well researched and simply expressed explanation of race and racism based on Biblical exegesis.
Use this with your friend groups, your small groups, your youth groups, your church whatever groups! You will set so much free if you equip your people to talk about these issues well, so they can act upon them well.

Judy Wu Dominick


When people start talking about race and racism, do you experience a range of negative emotions, an elevation in blood pressure, increased heart rate, sweaty palms, heartburn, chest tightness, or a knot in the pit of your stomach?  If so, you may be suffering from Racial Discourse Allergy, or RDA. You break out in hives on the inside.

In the interest of finding an alternative to complete avoidance (unless you actually have an anaphylactic type reaction to these conversations), I would like to propose a treatment plan.  Let’s take a break from our own trigger-filled context and practice talking about the role of race and racism in the context of biblical history instead.  We’ll zoom in on 2 places in the Bible that portray interactions between different people groups and study their interracial dynamics.  The goal of this approach is to provide us with a broader, more objective framework to…

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